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This document provides a list of resources for people evaluating or getting started with Openbravo.

About Openbravo

What Openbravo can do

A comprehensive POS and Retail Management solution in the Cloud for specialty retailers to deliver seamless shopping experiences, built on top of a highly flexible and mobile-enabled technology platform to enable faster change and innovation and operated in a reliable dedicated cloud infrastructure to simplify IT management and run smooth retail operations.

The Openbravo Commerce Cloud offers a unique store solution including a responsive web and mobile POS with broad assisted sale capabilities, backed by a complete store back office and head office functionality, including merchandise management, supply chain management, omnichannel operations and multi-store management, that can be easily integrated with existing corporate systems like eCommerce platforms, ERP solutions...

A truly modular, mobile-enabled and cloud-ready platform providing the core set of technologies that allow extending Openbravo to fit your business needs or developing completely new differentiating and innovative enterprise solutions

Evaluating Openbravo

In order to optimize the time you invest in discovering Openbravo, we recommend that you follow the following approach.

Start experiencing Openbravo products by accessing our demonstration environments. Start with the Product Tour to get a first impression through a guided and interactive tour and continue with the Online Trial on your own to go into more detail with the product exploration.

  • Product Tour: The first step! . Go through a guided and interactive tour to get a first impression of the product. If you have not yet experimented with our products, we recommend that you go through this tour first as you will be able to:
  1. Have a first hand experience with the product
  2. Explore some of the main product features
  • Online Trial. The next step! . Access a self-service environment equipped with sample data to go into detail with the product exploration. Don´t miss the Getting Started widget that will guide you through the main Openbravo user actions, user interface, functionality and configuration steps. Finally, you can follow our business flows to experience some of the main business flows. We recommend that you go through the product tour above before using this demo environment that will allow you to:
  1. Get access to all standard features. Modules are not included in this environment.
  2. Explore the product on your own. You can request an assisted demonstration also!
  • Create your own evaluation environment. Since the online demo is a shared demo environment, there are some limitations on what you can do with it and what you cannot. In particular, we cannot give you system administrator privileges and we are refreshing the system on a daily basis. If you want to evaluate Openbravo's flexibility and experiment with different configurations, or if you want to have a persistent data set to complete your evaluation, you would need your own Openbravo system set up. You can choose between some easy ways of doing so in the installation guide.

Once you have completed your evaluation, you are ready to start your implementation project, either with the Community Edition or with the Professional Subscription.

Starting a new project

Openbravo offers 3 different editions:

  • Openbravo Community Edition. It provides a totally free ERP solution released under the Openbravo Public License. It is a good way for developers to get to know the Openbravo ERP Platform. This edition only includes free core modules and free public functionality. Advanced or premium core modules such as Project Management or Production and MRP or commercial modules such as Openbravo Analytics or the Openbravo Core Mobile Infrastructure required to develop mobile applications are not included. It does not provide neither access to Professional Services provided by Openbravo Partners.
  • Openbravo Enterprise Edition
  • Openbravo Professional Edition

These two editions provide access to all public and commercial functionality and to the full catalog of Professional Services provided by Openbravo Partners. For pricing information please visit our Editions and Pricing section.


As many open source projects, Openbravo has its own Forge where our Community collaborates around the project. There you can access the project forums and review ongoing projects to extend the Openbravo functionality through modules, integrate it with external solutions, or to deliver services around it.

Installation guide

Openbravo Installation

Review System Requirements first.

To install Openbravo please follow Openbravo Installation Manual.

User Guide

In the link below you can find User documentation of Openbravo. The main purpose of this documentation is to describe key business processes that are supported in the product and the way they are implemented. This documentation gives you a very good idea of what can be achieved with the product and how you can do it because it contains a detailed step by step execution instructions for main business flows.

Quick Guide

This Quick Guide describes the main steps needed to setup and run fundamental functional flows for your company in Openbravo, intentionally keeping the explanations and executions as simple as possible. By following this simple guide you should be able to have your own version of Openbravo up and running within a couple of hours.

Developing with Openbravo

The Openbravo development environment includes a mix of tools and methodologies that make Openbravo developers' life easier.

  • Openbravo Developers Guide: a detailed guide on setting up your development environment, understanding the system architecture and how to build new features.

How to contribute to Openbravo

There are many ways to make Openbravo a better product.

QA process. Acceptance testing

The Openbravo QA team makes sure that all releases pass a minimum quality level before making their way to the customer.

Whenever a release is launched, an acceptance process is executed.

Questions? Contact us. We can help you!

If you are evaluating our solutions, business opportunity, or just want more information, we are happy to answer all your questions and get you set up. Simply fill out the form here, or for immediate assistance, call us on the phone numbers there.