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This site provides supporting documentation for the InfiniteERP anda Openbravo Community Edition, including people installing, configuring, using, developing and customs solutions.

Click here to download the presentation that gives you a brief overview of this documentation set.

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Quick Guide

The Quick Guide describes the main steps needed to setup and run fundamental functional flows for your company in Openbravo, intentionally keeping the explanations and executions as simple as possible. By following this simple guide you should be able to have your own version of Openbravo up and running within a couple of hours.

User Guide

If you are new to Openbravo then the User Interface chapter of the User Guide explains how to access Openbravo and navigate though the user interface.

The Business Flows contains list of process supported in Openbravo and drives to step by step instructions on how to execute them in the application.

The Common Concepts & Processes provides a summary of concepts and processes common throughout Openbravo, while the Openbravo Application Areas details how to setup, operate and analize each Openbravo application area.

There are a series of How-To documents addressing areas of special interest. Many of the guides present how to achieve particular business goals in a manner supported by Openbravo.

Developer's Guide

The Developer's Guide provides information to developers on how to change, extend and build further on Openbravo. The Development HowTos describe Openbravo development topics from the perspective of specific development goals.

Documentation.gif Documentation

General Information

Please click on the above link for general information about Openbravo.

In this section you will find information on Getting Started with Openbravo, which provides a summary of resources available to you. In order to quickly configure Openbravo to evaluate it, we would recommend that you start with the Quick Guide.
This will allow you to get your own version of Openbravo up and running in a matter of hours. The current Openbravo Development Status and Release Notes are available.

System Administration Guide

Please click on the above link to access all documentation for System Administrators. You will find important information on System Requirements, which should be reviewed, but once you are confident that your environment meets the minimum system requirements, the next port of call is likely to be the Installation Manual. Helpful information on working with the Openbravo Appliance can be found in the Openbravo Appliance Administration Guide.

Localization Guide

The Localization Guide provides all the information required to properly adapt Openbravo to different languages, regional or country differences and technical requirements of a target market.

There is also a list of Localization Projects currently available for Openbravo.
Please visit that link in case you want to collaborate in the localization effort for your country.

Openbravo Community Projects

Openbravo is 100% modular. A module is a piece of additional functionality that can be deployed optionally and independently on top of Openbravo.

Examples of modules include additional reports, additional windows, connectors, and content packs (translations, chart of accounts, list of tax codes, product categories, etc).

Projects to deliver Openbravo modules are hosted on the Openbravo Forge.

To find a project, search the Project Directory. You will find the search feature on the left hand side of the Openbravo Forge main page.

A full list of modules can be found here.

The Openbravo Exchange is the marketplace for published modules.

Collaboration.gif Collaboration

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the Openbravo community. It is not only about developing code; it also includes offering help to others in the forums, helping to test early releases and giving feedback, blogging about things you have learned that might help others, etc. If you would like to contribute there is an excellent Contributor's Guide that will help you get started.

Collaboration and communication channels established for the Openbravo Community include: