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Product master data window is the place where you can easily organize and centralize the key data of the items of any type you might manage as part of the organization processes and/or activities.

Organizations deal with a variety of different items may be required by an organization for the performance of its daily activities.

It is possible to load Product information into Openbravo en masse using the Import Data module, or one by one using the Product window.

This section describes how to set up Products individually.


Product window allows the creation of items such as products, raw materials, resources, services, etc.

The information required to create a Product in Openbravo is determined by the nature of the Product, its Product Type.

There are four product types available:

  • Item. The most frequently used product type is "Item". Inventory held for resale, materials that are placed into a production process, and semi-finished or finished goods created through production are examples of products defined using the product type "Item".
  • An item should be flagged as "Stocked", if quantity tracking is required for the item, otherwise there is no need to flag the item as "Stocked".
  • An item should be flagged as "Production" , if the item is used in manufacturing.
  • If an item is an intermediate or finished good, its bill of material (BOM) should be detailed on the Bill of Materials tab.
  • Service. This product type is used to identify such provisions as professional services, transportation, telephony, and other items which do not correspond with material goods.
  • Therefore, a Service is not stockable but can be purchased or sold.
  • As service can have a bill of materials to be defined in the Bill of Materials tab.
  • Resource and Expense. These product types can be used to distinguish between different types of products which can be purchased or sold but cannot be stocked.
  • Resource type can be used to configure resources such as Financial, Legal or Natural resources used by the organization.
  • Expense type can be used to configure expenses such as travel expenses to be used while reporting Employee expenses.


A product can be part of many Price List Versions which are valid for a given time period.

Price Rule Version


Accounting tab allows to configure the ledger accounts to be used while posting product related transactions such as product purchase or sales to the general ledger.

Bill of Materials

This tab allows to edit the bill of materials components the selected product consists of.

Bill of Materials apply to products flagged as Bill of Materials.

This tab provides information of the list of products contained and its quantity for the Bill of Materials production.

If the product Tax_Category is flagged as As per BOM, this tab also provides information for the price of each product in the Bill of Materials list. The price and quantity in this list is used to perform the division of the base amount to calculate the taxes based on the taxes configured for each product of the list

Costing Rule

Costing rule tab allows to review the costing rules that apply to the product within a given date range.


Costing tab collects and summarize product cost related information as a result of every product transaction. Product's costs are valid during a fixed date range and can be calculated either by using an Average or a Standard costing algorithm.

Average Cost Transactions

Transaction Adjustments


Transaction tab is a summarized view of all the transactions of a product.

Transaction Costs


Purchasing tab information is used for products that are planned by the purchasing plan.


Manufacturing tab is used for products that are planned by the manufacturing plan.


Product names can be translated to any language.


Relation of characteristics assigned to the Product

Characteristic Configuration

Characteristic Configuration tab contains the available values for each characteristic assigned to the generic product. Price modifiers to create the variants are defined in this tab as well.

Unit Cost


This Tab shows the available Stock for this Product in the application. It only shows Storage Bins for which the quantity available of the Product is not 0

Product Categories

The user can define if a product of a certain product category can be related to a product of 'Service' type by creating a relation between an Order Line of the Service product and another Sales Order Line of the product belonging to included/excluded product categories.


The user can define if a product can be related to a product of 'Service' type by creating a relation between an Order Line of the Service product and another Sales Order Line of the product included/excluded.

Alternate UOM

Full list of Product window fields and their descriptions is available in the Product Screen Reference.

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