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Warning.png   This document is still a work in progress. It may contain inaccuracies or errors.

Functional Specifications



Fitur ini bertujuan untuk mempersingkat proses transaksi penjualan hingga pengiriman yang harus melalui beberapa tahap utama yaitu Sales Order > Goods Shipment > Sales Invoice > Payment In

and the process have customize document status on Goods Shipment and Sales Invoice that being generated, the document status is configurated based on Sales Order document type. using Approval Configuration Tab on Document Type Menu.


Beberapa klien apparel manufakturing memiliki online store atau market place yang digunakan untuk transaksi penjualan dengan pelanggan. Proses di ERP diharapkan semakin dipersingkat sebagai bentuk otomasi.


POS Order - Document Type
Saat ini ERP sudah memiliki Document Type - POS Order dimana setiap transaksi Sales Order yang menjadi COMPLETED secara otomatis membentuk transaksi Goods Shipment dan Sales Invoice.

Design Considerations

Proyek ini didesain tetap mempertimbangkan mengurangi waktu dan biaya implementasi adopsi InfiniteERP.






Functional Requirements

An Example

The Scenario
InfiniteERP Implementation

Untuk menerapkan integrasi ini dibutuhkan beberapa setup yang harus dilakukan terlebih dahulu:

Setup Data

  • Define Document Routing Configuration of Sales Order when complete the document status using org.infinite.documentrouting.porting.CustomOrderActionHandler, if you want to change how Goods Shipment and Sales Invoice document status generated, if not you can use the default one (org.wirabumi.gen.oez.porting.OrderActionHandler).
  • Define generated document status of Goods Shipment and Sales Invoice on Approval Configuration Tab on Document Type Menu (if not being define the Goods Shipment and Sales Invoice document status will be generated using default process).
The Industry Template

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

  1. Users connect to an InfiniteERP instance with a guest user which has access to a role that only allows to initiate an initial client setup with industry template action.
  2. Users can choose to either browse a catalog of industry templates or to instantiate a client from a template they previously downloaded
  3. Users can initiate the client creation process using the selected industry template and specifying the organization specific data
  4. Optionally, an instance administrator approves the client creation (this task might include payment verification)
  5. The system instantiates the client, applies the template
  6. Users receive a notification with the login instructions

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups


Technical Requirements

to make the process for each document type dynamic, there is need a table that will be put on Menu Document Type as sub Tab, that we can use as configuration of document type, such as :

  • configuration for document status of Sales Invoice that generated.
  • configuration for document status of Goods Shipment that generated.
  • configuration for is auto generate Payment In.
  • and etc, it can be add depends on what client requirement is.


the process will be put on document routing, this will make sure other client will not get impact when the implementation used on other client, from now the new document routing will be using new module org.infinite.documentrouting. the process will be use the new table as configuration to process(approval) data, the end result is depends on configuration that used on the new document type configuration table.

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