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In an organization, more than one software application often exists to support a particular aspect of operational requirements. The result is an heterogeneous set of software applications requiring data sharing and integration. An ERP system like InfiniteERP tries to solve this problem by offering one solution for every operational requirement.

InfiniteERP maintains one shared database for all data, integrated processes among different departments, a consistent interface for every user, and homogeneous reports/score cards that display operational data of the whole organization.

Integration overview

The focus of this integration is to create a system where InfiniteERP is the central repository of data. Products, categories and orders are maintained and other application or services has the ability to operate with the products catalog downloaded from InfiniteERP and to upload such as orders or other transaction created through Web Services/API.

This integration has been developed with webservices. InfiniteERP has two webservice endpoints called ExternalSales and WebService.


Here the list of planned integration with other platform.

No Application/Services Description Status
1 Yasmeera Webstore Customer specific webstore Inprogress
2 Local market place Inprogress
3 WooCommerce Open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress Inprogress
4 Tokopedia Market Place Planned
5 Shopee Market Place Planned
6 Local Market Place Inprogress
7 Layanan Online Check Mutasi Rekening Bank dalam satu sistem Inprogress